Please contact your supplier of the Ubiquitech solutions directly to get effective support. Contact  if you need contact info for your supplier.

Support through partners
Ubiquitech cooperates with partners with a strong presence in each market. These partners take care of the direct support to all customers.

Our partners get support via our support system ‘Trac’ described below or via

1st level support: The customer gets help from the primary partner contact and support team.

2nd level support: Special cases like new installations, modifications, integration with other systems etc. involves more specialized support from our partners. Ubiquitech offers both product training and technical training for these product specialists.


3rd level support: The Ubiquitech support team helps partners solve problems with the solutions that need special support. That also includes special integrations and modifications to special customer needs.

Support of our partners
We keep track of any support request in our ‘Trac’ system. Partners should login for further information and support: http:\\ Please contact

Training of partners
Even though our solution is easy to install, deploy and support, we focus on the training of our partner – both via written material, training courses and additionally also webinars. Please contact us at, if you want to attend a webinar – either related to product and sales or related to technical support.

For upcoming training events please visit our partner site (password protected).