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The Ubiquitech mobile enterprise print solution on IBM Enterprise Linux combines the needs of a mobile workforce, highest security standards, cost savings and environmental improvements. TopDanmark, a leading insurer in the Nordics, is sharing the benefits they obtained implementing the solution on the IBM Enterprise Linux Server.


Nykredit bank

Ubiquitech has implemented a secure pull print system at Nykredit Bank in cooperation with JN Data and Ricoh Denmark.

Key points

  • System with high security
  • Printing expenses reduced by 20%
  • Required simple, effective use
  • Migrate from 800 printers to 328 multifunctional printers

Nykredit is one of Denmark’s leading financial services groups with activities ranging from mortgage lending and banking to insurance, pension and estate agency business. Founded in 1851. Staff of 4,400.

Nykredit requirements

  •  Secure print
  •  Pull print at any multifunctional printer
  •  Secure copying
  •  Secure scanning & scanning workflows
  •  Simple use
  •  Integrating the identity cards already in use

The overall goal was to implement a new document system that generated a higher-level of document security, with flexibility in printing, scanning and copying.  Another goal was to implement a system that reduced costs through easy and simple maintenance and also through reducing total prints and copies. They also wanted to implement a scanning system that was easy and simple to use, and also with the possibility to create complex workflows.


  • Accounting and pull print server software installed on a cluster server.
  • ScannerVision server software installed on the server.
  • A bundled Ubiquitech-Scannervision software was installed at all MFPs.
  • A Ubiquitech software terminal and a Ubiquitech card reader was installed on all MFP’s.

Overall effect
Nykredit increased the security level with document management dramatically. All printing, copying and scanning became more secure. Nykredit reduced the number of printers and copy machines, and went from 800 printers to 250 multifunctional printers. Total print volume is reduced because of limited paper waste at the printers. The cost of internal maintenance was reduced because of standard document management, reduced number of units and reduced number of drivers.

Nykredit benefits

The pull print functionality provides flexibility so all employees can pick-up their documents at any printer in the organization. This benefits staff who attend many meetings in different places or who rotate work sites. The IT-support center does not have any calls about installing new printers. If an MFP is down and is waiting for a technician, the users can go directly to the next MFP and get their documents. Some employees work from home and order prints for meetings or mail when sitting at home. When the employee comes to the office he can go directly to an MFP and get their printed documents. It saves cost on home printers and makes it is easy for the employees to print from home and get a high print quality, and everything is still kept confidential.

Because all print now is confidential there is no need for small expensive personal printers. The total number of printers was reduced from 800 to 250. The level of document security is now in line with the corporate guidelines. No one can get printed documents, copy or send scanned documents without identifying themselves.

Print accounting
In the old print system many documents were never picked up or they were by mistake picked up by another employee. The Ubiquitech solution makes sure all needed prints are picked up and only by the owner of the document. The problem about searching for your document in a pile of papers at the printer is now gone. The total number of printed pages has been reduced by approximately 20%. It saves paper, toner, electricity, printer hardware and money.

The accounting system creates overviews about who is printing, when, where, what, and how much. It also gives information about the load on each MFP.

Card readers
The card readers installed were customized to fit the already implemented access cards. The users didn’t have to get a new card and the users were already accustomed to have the card with them everywhere in the organization. The card identification makes it very easy for the users to identify themselves. They just swipe the card at the printer and they can get their documents.

The uniform machinery created simplified maintenance for the facility management. It is only necessary to order from one supplier and have one type of toner in stock. Furthermore the internal printer support only had to maintain and support one type one multifunctional printer, with driver updates user helpdesk. The users have no problems about using machinery in others departments because it is the same type of MFP in all departments.

Ubiquitech- ScannerVision

The Ubiquitech-ScannerVision scanning system ensures that only employees that have identified themselves have access to scan and send documents. Now no one can send confidential information anonymously from the MFP’s. There is always user-ID on any email send from the MFP.

Even having knowledge alone by all employees about the print accounting system is preventing abuse of printing and copying.

When sending scanned documents to the user’s own email, the user does not have to spend a lot of time typing his email address or searching for own email address among hundreds of addresses with LDAP search. The user just pushes the “scan to my mail” button.

The pull print and scan system are integrated with single sign-on so that the users identify themselves once for both functions. There is no need to login separately for these two systems. If the user just wants a fast delivery of documents, he can just push the “print all” button. The integration of address book makes it easy to send documents to contacts.

Stockholm University

Ubiquitech has implemented a secure pull print system at Stockholm University in cooperation with Ricoh Sweden.

Key points

  • Integration with existing user registration
  • Tracking performed by a special version of VDMS with  accounting by the existing system

Stockholm University have their own accounting and user registration system and the requirement was that we provide a solution integrated with it. Ubiquitech created a custom version of our server to perform this special integration.

The deployment consists of around 30 Ricoh MFPs with Ubiquitech’s embedded client installed with the custom version of VDMS server running on a VMware platform.

The Ubiquitech VDMS server handles pull printing requests; authentication and job accounting are delegated to the university’s own servers. Communication with their servers is authenticated using the Kerberos security protocol.

Users can also use the scan2me feature so their email address is populated on the machine after logging in. That way it is possible to scan a document with a single button push.


The integration approach made it possible to continue with well-functioning systems and at the same time add new features.

Stable solution
The system has been running for more than two years now; there was only one major issue reported related to a poor performance of the virtualization platform they were using. After upgrading the hardware and VMware server the problem was resolved.

The university now benefits from a well-integrated system and experience good stability, performance and reliability for the solution.

User payment for print
Stockholm University now have a system that utilizes all the existing systems and at the same time added print management features related to pull printing.

The combined solution gives the possibility to collect print payments from students and others. This provides a good return on investment for the university.