Mission and vision
Our mission is to provide cutting-edge cloud technology for Secure Print Management solutions, simple and easy to use and offering the lowest TCO.

Our vision is to become the first choice of Secure Print Management for any enterprise market customer.

Cloud with one-driver technology
By using cloud technology, we introduce third-generation serverless Secure Print Management and by adding our unique one-driver technology we have simplified Print Management without compromising the advantages of compliance, security, savings and lean printing work processes. Our customers are saving cost on all areas from installation, administration, IT helpdesk to consolidation of IT infrastructure. Our solution takes away the usual hassle of managing printer drivers, print queues and servers resulting in higher efficiency and user satisfaction. All in all giving the lowest TCO.

The company
Since the company was founded in 2004, we have continuously been focusing on visionary ideas of making printing even more secure, efficient and simple to use.

Print is gradually becoming an integrated part of the IT infrastructure and causing increased complexity, but also the opportunity of effectively and centrally managing print. We have based our software on cloud technologies, still giving us complete freedom of serving you on Windows, Linux, IBM Power or IBM System Z platforms, if you prefer to wait with cloud and run on a local or hosted server.

All our sales are done through our network of certified partners, which make our partners the most valuable contributor in the lifecycle from opportunity to implemented solution.

Ubiquitech has been awarded by Duke and emphasized as “cool” by Gartner for our Print Management solution.

Our experience
Our experience is based on developing and delivering solutions to large financial, governmental and defence organisations besides manufacturing, education, service, telecom and transportation industries through our worldwide network of partners.

We have, for more than a decade, worked with all the major printer vendors and have optimized solutions giving you freedom and flexibility to choose your favourite combination of printers across brands.

Our principles

Also …
… handling mobile printing and, more uniquely, host printing from z/OS on IBM System z and from IBM System i (AS/400), adding security and deliverance of printing directly to the end-user.



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Ubiquitech - The name tells the story: Merge of the two words "ubiquitous"* and "technology"

*Ubiquitous: Pervasive, available everywhere (Oxford Thesaurus) - everywhere like the cloud